Wednesday, December 22, 2010

White-collar decompression movement -- yoga

Yoga is a long desk, high stress levels are particularly suitable for white-collar workers of a campaign.
First of all, yoga asana by standing, sitting, kneeling, lying, inverted poses such a variety of bending, stretching, reversing parts of the body, the body's center for spinal column and the muscle and internal organs play a very good massage and traction, Arch the back concave many actions, but also effective treatment for cervical, lumbar pain, lower body, such as poor blood circulation are the common white-collar workers;
Secondly, yoga nidra and meditation can help calm voice weekdays nerves, relieve stress, improve sleep;
In addition, body sculpture, yoga, weight loss, particularly notable. There are obvious effects of income buttocks, caused by pear-shaped to improve the sedentary body.

Who is the "killer" makes white-collar fatigue

Busy work, the weight of city people Shenxinpilei, do not know since when, "tired ah" as naturally to become a pet phrase of many people. In fact, due to fatigue and not just tired of life there are many factors that will consume a person's energy, is tired ... ...
1, overuse:
If you concentrate on something for too long, the body will feel loose bones, limb numbness, as eyes closed for a while.
2, obese:
The body burden of overweight, excess body fat will people feel tired.
3, lack of exercise:
People mistakenly think sports is tired. But the opposite is true, if the lack of exercise, the muscles become weak, when the body to use them, they will need to spend greater efforts.
4, sleep problems:
Some people sleep late on weekends are often used, and the vindication it is plausibly recharge your batteries. As everyone knows, from the late disrupt the biological clock to sleep late, directly affect the mental state.
5, the psychological problems:
Depression is the most common cause of fatigue cause; a bad mood, poor sleep, excessive stress also caused fatigue.

Invisible pressure makes white-collar burnout

Some high-paying white-collar work pressure due to the resignation of travel; part of Shanghai is white-collar workers want to emigrate; even exposed a few weeks ago due to all kinds of pressure, white-collar workers to leave their 19-month-old son, jumped to his death after murdering ... ... This Class News has issued the emergence of such a signal: "white-collar group cannon fodder," the moment the pressure has become quite common, must pay attention to the phenomenon.
Overload of work overtime, have people physically and mentally exhausted, coupled with the complex office politics, this invisible pressure to make white-collar double depressed.
"Work it, the society, the competition is very fierce. Career filled with intrigue and traps, accidentally stepped on 'mine', can not guard all the time, a lot of pressure. At home it, afraid of behind the times. sisters were feeling. talk about is the work pressure or stress at home, it? What better way to alleviate this pressure? "a young mother in child-care issue forum posts, like recommendations are sisters.
This reporter learned that the workplace in the "conspiracy with the trap", forcing many office workers constantly sum up, upgrade their own "white-collar office life model." Especially the story about the Qing Dynasty Princess intrigue drama "War and Beauty" hit, the kind of discussion on the Internet once reached a climax. White-collar workers who have to play the classic dialogue in the BBS, Links, many people also circulated to print out the recitation, followed by learning "life skills."

Office white-collar's fitness secrets

Office in the Ms., sir, are always a busy time at the desk. Computer, see documents, discuss research ... ... a quiet, sedentary, which is easier and obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis and other diseases to suffer a share. Life is movement, the old saying had to listen to, no matter how busy the office, still adhere to the time left for exercise, fatigue, away from the sub-health and prevent diseases.
Working in a fast paced office, it also easy to learn and effective exercise, the following describes the work of a suitable office aerobics, try to not persist?
First, the kowtow. Tap every morning or evening before going to bed head - the head to stimulate acupuncture points, to adjust the body health. Body upright, relax. Two-hand fist held at head of natural events wrist, finger tapping head start tapping on both sides of the forehead to the top of the head and then from the side of the head to head the center. Since the number of times as each case may be, generally about 50 times as good.
Second, the hair. First vertical comb brush, with wooden comb (do not use plastic, metal comb, preferably Hair Combs, in the absence comb, can also be used instead of fingers) from the top of the head backward by the Ministry of forehead hair brush, and gradually accelerated. Do not comb too much force, to prevent cut through the skin. Oblique comb then brush. First along the first-shaped comb, comb the hair smooth, and then reverse comb, and then along the head-shaped comb. 20-30 per minute, the day 1, every 3-5 minutes. This can stimulate the nerve endings in the scalp and head, Meridian, Meridian conduction through the nerve and the cerebral cortex, regulating the meridians and the nervous system, relaxing the head nerves, promote blood circulation, eliminate fatigue, physical and promoting hair growth results, particularly suitable to the mental.

The necessary compressive nutrition food to career hero

Postponed again and again for dinner time, poor blood circulation, posture, From time to time to stay up late, inevitably over time the body was given a "protest." Office workers not only time to eat is not fixed, but great mental stress. Xiao Bian below choreographed for the office a bit white-collar workers of these categories of food, they can not only help replenish the lack of white-collar office of nutrition, they are an effective food relief Oh, so white-collar workers who have a healthy physical and psychological.
Animal protein food rich in iron, can help to maintain mental and physical energy. Improve the ability of the brain to focus and concentrate, make you more attentive to cope with stress. Food sources: Lean beef, pork, lamb, chicken, duck, fish and seafood.
Intake of calcium can be strong teeth and bones, prevention of osteoporosis. It is also suitable for daily consumption of nutritious food. Food sources: skim milk, soy milk, cheese, tofu, beans and bean quality of various products.
National Cancer Institute reports that eating lots of vegetables and fruits a day, add plenty of vitamins and minerals, can prevent about 60% of the cancer.
Food sources: fruits, including papaya, orange, apple and all kinds of strawberries; vegetables, including spinach, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, cabbage and tomatoes.

Do more leg exercise during thw work time

In related news, the elderly, strong legs to prevent hip fractures, because hip fractures can cause various types of complications up to 20% of patients died within a year. That being said, the elderly have to live with greater quality of life, has a longer life, active leg exercise is extremely important.
First the old man and old legs, leg strength healthy people will naturally fade with age. If the weak leg strength, joint stability will be affected, are bound to reduce the reactivity, it is easy to fall. Young people may be nothing serious, the elderly might fracture, but more difficult to recover for various reasons, and maybe even life-threatening.
"Some people, after lower extremity fracture, total long or short period of time to bed, do not pay attention to exercise his legs out." Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital, Sun Yat-sen Professor Yantie Bin, director of rehabilitation, if rehabilitation of activities do more, affected area can promote healing, increase bone stress. Afraid of the pain, but many elderly people do not want to activities, always sleep in the bed. Prolonged bed rest can cause pressure sores, urinary tract stones, hypostatic pneumonia, deep venous thrombosis and other complications, and venous thrombosis after falling from the walls of blood vessels prone to cerebral thrombosis. These complications will seriously affect the health of the elderly, and even life-threatening. Moreover, common in the elderly osteoporotic fracture healing can lead to slow, not treated or not treated properly femoral head necrosis may also occur.

Work pressure and the female mental health

Make life colorful and have their own favorite hobbies is to make life easy trick. Fun after work, learn the art, can make you forget about work pressure, effective to maintain mental health, the yardsticks to be more full of emotion into the career.
Someone wrote: In order to release the pressure of work, some people love to shop, some people like to go clubbing, go shopping and I am not keen on clubbing is not keen, just love to go to the supermarket to see if there are fresh food the market. To point a small row of Hormel, Fu into the leg of lamb, the best end of life, then some strong hand pulled the fish, well, basically meat dish a week get ready raw materials. When the vegetables into the hot pan, with the "pull rip" sound, Choi Heung overflow, and hey, really can not describe the joy! All the troubles, all the fatigue, in this confusion between the kitchen accompanied Congxiang, garlic, Choi Heung, into fantasy.
Sixth is to take the initiative to eliminate stress. If a pressure is objective, blindly is not the fundamental solution to avoid. Change from passive to active, to take effective action to change the status quo is the best policy. This understanding of the issue to resolve two points. One is that everything can be changed. The second is to take action to change. For example a person feel that the lack of friends in the collective, and people can not communicate this great mental stress. After the above two points to determine awareness, start looking for reasons. Reasons for someone else, have their own reasons. Others are difficult to directly change, or only through their own changes to influence others to change.